Can iOS app be used to select a workout for playing on Garmin?

I can use the iOS app to select and run workouts, but also use the Garmin app on my head unit occasionally e.g. outdoors. Is there a way to select a workout in the app and then play it on the Garmin? It would just be more convenient than logging on via web.

The only option in the iOS app appears to be to start the workout, no ‘select’. Have tried starting and cancelling a workout in the app, but that doesn’t seem to ‘select’ in the system either.

Anyone with tips? or perhaps a minor one for a future release

You’re not able to select a workout on iOS or Android yet. Might be something that we add in the future for convenience.

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Ok thanks for the feedback

Well indirectly you can. You have to have Select a recommended workout automatically disabled and then pick one on the Android/iOS and start a recording. Cancel the recording and it should be selected for use on a Garmin or in the future.

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I tried that…

I suppose you would have to deselect the ‘auto’ option in the web app, as I do not see that in the iOS app. When I do that, I still have a workout as selected (unchanged from before deselecting ‘auto’) and I can’t get rid of that, neither in the web app nor in the iOS app…

I might be doing something wrong though, so please enlighten me :slight_smile:

If you select the desired workout in the IOS app, start the workout, stop and then discard the workout then you will find that the desired workout will be loaded into the Garmin Xert Player the next time that you use it.

I did manually pick another workout, started and then aborted that in the phone app, but I haven’t switched on my Edge. But if that actually picks up the aborted workout I picked in the app, it’s kinda strange that the app on the phone continues to show the old workout, even the next day.

I just checked and it does work, just not for the app (which, like you, was why I thought it wasn’t working in my original question).
You can test just on your phone by starting and discarding a workout, then logging onto Xert via web (e.g. Safari), and you’ll see the workout is updated. I presume that is then pushed to Garmin.
Still odd that the selected workout in the app doesn’t update, but good to have a workaround

I just did the whole sequence - without the Edge firing up - and the web app now shows another workout than the phone app, i.e. the one I selected there (in the phone app that is).

The (previously / old) selected workout in the phone app will only change if you select one in the web app - that will reflect back, but picking another workout in the phone app, will not change it.

Still weird, but yes, there is a work around to your originally reported issue - would be nice if what Scott suggested will indeed be implemented…

Do you have the option ‘Select a recommended workout automatically’ enabled under the XATA tab of the main Xert page. In order for the above recommendation to work, that option will need to be disabled (it comes enabled by default).

It’s disabled. As stated, it’s a valid workaround to not being able to do this from within the phone app, but the selected workout there will not change unless you pick another on the website and restart the phone app.

Ahh, sorry. Misunderstood your comment originally.

Yeah, it’s something that we can eventually add to the iOS app


I’d like to have this feature on iOS player too. It is easier to be able to ‘Select’ instead on web login.