Can I reset my fitness signature?

Hi all,
I had some problems with my vector3 a pedals at the beginning of the season, showing power spikes and loosing connection @400W. now My fitness signature tells me I´m better than Sagan, with 1800W of peak power and 380W of FTP.
I calculated a new one, but now everytime I upload a workout the old one is overwritten to it, it´s a vicious cycle.
Now pedals work fine again, how do I reset my fitness signature? so that it can learn from my activities again?

thank you!

You can flag the activities on file with the bad data so they are not incorporated into your signature calculations.
Easiest way to do that is select Activities, Table in sidebar menu, sort by Peak Power then flag those entries with power spikes.

The other way to reset would be to locate your last breakthrough, select Advanced MPA tab, and seed that activity with the signature numbers you want to use moving forward.

See this thread –
When to use the "extract"button in "advancede mpa"tab - General - Xert Community Forum (