Can I import workouts (not activities) from TrainingPeaks and/or PerfPro?

I have built up a considerable library of self-developed workouts in both TrainingPeaks and PerfPro and would love to have them fully present within my Xert workout library. Is there a way to import these workout into Xert? Which file format would I use?

Hi Henry,

We have had requests before for importing workouts but that demand usually subsides once the coach/athlete understands things better. Coaches and athletes no longer need a large library and can (and should) be creating a core set of workouts that work for everyone using signature specific intervals (i.e. XSSR, MMP, LTP, etc), instead of %FTP intervals. Like many things in Xert, doing things the old way isn’t encouraged and once you learn the system, you’ll understand why. Cheers

Hi Scott: I appreciate your response, but it is somewhat disappointing. I can tell you that I wholeheartedly agree that Xert offers substantial improvements over “old ways” of doing things, and I have already seen how many of Xert’s metrics are far better than anything else in the marketplace. I understand what you are saying about Xert’s workout innovations and do agree, of course, that I need to learn more about the system, but I’ve never been one to throw the baby out with the bathwater! I enjoy doing my own workouts and many of the workouts in personal library are built on my understanding of sound physiologic principles as applied to my own physiology and goals, so why should I stop doing the workouts I have created and I enjoy? These ARE my current core workouts and they have brought me success. So here is my positive take-away: I will have to rewrite my old workouts using the Xert workout editor and it’s best I see this task as a positive learning experience. Effectively, I will design each new workout to resemble the old workout, but since each new workou t will be designed using XSSR, MMP, LTP etc, they will scale better as my fitness grows or declines and the workouts can be then be used by other athletes. Thanks your reply, Scott, it has at least given me a direction to pursue.

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Ha, ha! I think I’ve got this now. Still experimenting, but this will work really well . . . I believe I now understand how to make my workouts all “smart” too. Yes! Thanks Scott! This is worth learning!