Can I have Xert running twice simultaneously?

Hi there!

I need to test my PM pedals against the PM of my smart trainer.

Can I have Xert EBC running on two different devices at the same time? I would link the devices to a different PM and then compare the data. I would also check the power displayed in real time.

Many thanks

If not Xert why not use your Garmin/Wahoo bike computer to do the same thing?

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It’s easier to analyse data from the same platform and it’s processed and filtered (if any) in the same way.

Just for the record it works.


How close were they?

Very close.

@100W - 4W difference
@150W - 5W difference
@200W - 3W difference

I could have done a more accurate testing but this goes in line with I have tested in the past.

That’s excellent. I’ve got an Elite Zumo (the cheap one) and it reads an average of 12% lower than my Assiomas. Interestingly the delta changes depending on what gearing I’m using at the time. Presumably something to do with flywheel speed.

That’s a big difference.

Are yours Assiomas L or L/R?

I didn’t notice that the flywheel speed influences the power numbers, but I did notice that the trainer’s temperature have an impact. Maybe that is something that you can look at.

They are L/R. I think it’s just a cheap trainer. Looking at getting a Kick Core to get a bit more accuracy and not have to use power match with my pedals.

Apart from the fact that it took 3 attempts to have one trainer working properly out-of-the-box, I’m very pleased with it.

I don’t have much to compare with, but it’s been solid since November 19.

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FWIW, my Kickr v2 has been rock solid since 2017. And within error margin of both my PM’s. Good piece of kit!

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With Kickr core (Kickr too I think) you also have the option of having the Kickr directly use the power from your powermeter via ANT+, so no differences at all in that set up

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Its more so I don’t have to mess around with changing pedals everytime I want to go on the turbo now that I’m mostly riding outside. The easy it is to start a session the more likely it is that I will actually do one.

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I completely understand you.

On my current setup, I only need to reposition a fan and I already feel that’s a PITA :joy::joy::joy:

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