Can I delete my new running profile?

I recently added a ‘Running’ profile to my account. I’m not sure of this, but it seems that now run activities are not included in determining my XSS deficit, and hence my training recommendations.

Since all my running is outdoors, without a power meter, there’s probably little if any run specific training advice that Xert can generate, but how much I run certainly influences how much biking and swimming is appropriate for a moderately fit 74 year old.

In short, I kinda liked the way stuff was working before I added the running profile. You may well ask, why did I do that? Dunno - seemed like a good idea at the time. Is there a way to delete that profile, and hopefully move the activities accumulated there since it was added back to my ‘main’ profile (bike). If deleting it will also delete those activities, presumably I can just reimport them from Strava, under the control of my main profile once the Running profile has been deleted.

When I choose the Running profile, the ‘adaptive training advisor’ says:

…Training Deficit of 257 XSS points. Sustaining this improvement rate will require about 5.1 hours of training per week…

With the ‘Bike’ profile,:
…Training Deficit of 57 XSS points . Sustaining this improvement rate will require about 3.5 hours of training per week…