Can anyone say why this isnt a breakthrough

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Ii make this Workout yesterday ,and during this workout my app (xert ebc) show me two breakthrough message (Gold ,you are a Beast) .

but at the end no breakthrough il the activity summary ,anyone know why ?

Hi @rsv93 ,

Congrats on a tough workout & breakthrough!

Depending on how much/how long you were able to exceed MPA, the signature extraction system might need a little (human) assistance to narrow in on the exact signature. I’ve had a look at your signature and helped extract a new signature based on that workout - take a look now. Follow up with me in a PM if you’d like! Cheers!

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Thanks you for the update in my signature ,it was a way off,+122W in PP and +28W in TP is a huge
step in progression …

Do you know since when my signature is off ? because i restart practice (1 fev) after a long pause ,because i was sick .

I gonna test it monday after two day off .
Can you advise me a Workout for testing my new signature ?

best regards