Calibration issue

I asked a while back for someone to check my fitness signature cause it seemed wrong. Turns out it was wrong, there was something up with the calibration of my power meter. It’s been fixed, but my threshold power is 234, it’s too high, i estimate it should be somewhere around 216 and 8 min power around 4.3. Is it possible to look at the numbers again please and perhaps change the threshold power or what can you suggest?

Hi René - when did you get your power meter sorted out? In the file of the day after that you can manually change your signature using the Advanced MPA option in the activity details page of the activity. But if you’d rather we do that, let us know the date your data improved and we’ll take a look at it.

Hi Jamie, I got it sorted on the 1st of Dec. It would be great if you could take a look for me thank you!

Should be all set now Rene. We flagged a number of activities in November and things sorted themself out.