Calendar, Progression and Training Status & Form has stopped updating

Following the import of a ride today (5th Sep) updates have not occurred for the both the projected Status & Form in the Calendar and My Fitness pages has stopped; Progression chart has also dropped away. Delete the days ride and things return back to before; re importing and it gets confused again. This issue shows up in both Chrome and IE. I have included a snip of the calendar where you can see the stars stop. I tried importing the ride directly from the Zwift fit file with that also not working. Any ideas? Capture

OK, a workaround? I just dropped a new workout before the 5th rather than after and that seems to have triggered a refresh. Quick move of the workout to its correct day in the future and all is now good.

Thanks Julian. We’ll have to look to see why your activity caused the hiccup in your progression refresh. (All the data you mention, is based on your progression data we maintain).

Thanks Armando. Same thing happened this morning, same procedure fixed it i.e. create an earlier workout and then delete it

Can you provide the specific steps on how to reproduce this? Are there planned activities in your calendar to start with?

We posted a change. Can you please let us know if this problem goes away? Thank you.

It has gone away, all good this morning. Thank you. BTW There were indeed planned events already in the calendar.

Although I do not seem to now be able to delete the planned activity (I assume that is what you do once the actual activity is recorded).

The planned activity will expire once its date has passed. You should need to delete them yourself, however you should be able to delete from your calendar as needed for planning.

Got it, thanks

I’m having exactly the same issue where stars aren’t showing. My Progression chart also won’t load. Finally, my signature is still changing will every ride, regardless of breakthrough.

Hi Jesse. Everything looks fine from here. Can you send us an email about what you’re seeing?

I think I got the same issue as Vernon has expeirenced. Also posted a screenshot in Facebook user group in the pinned post about Calendar.

Hi Armando. The issue has returned. The work around of moving a planned workout to earlier and then back again fixes the issue. Cheers

This should now be resolved.

Excellent, thanks for the update