Cafe stop


Is there any way for my metrics to not include a cafe stop. I use autopause on my Garmin but the total ride time on Xert doesn’t pause and my stats are wrecked because of a stop i.e avg power/speed…frustrating

Darn that auto-pause :wink:Xert Only Counts Elapsed Time - Support - Xert Community Forum (

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You could always stop the ride and save it, then start a new one. Then if you really wanted to you could use the fitfiletools and splice the 2.

I probably have this all wrong but I love a puzzle (like dog with a bone).

I just checked the Xert Activity Summary. Xert provides Moving Speed and not Avg. Speed (see pictures below from Xert and Strava)…so its speed metric ignores the cafe stop and is miss labeled

It is an easy calculation to get Moving Time (Distance/Moving Speed) and Avg Speed (Distance/Duration)…so it would be easy for the “IT team” :slight_smile: to add another data row in the Activity Summary to provide this information (hint, hint - 60 minutes max for a good programmer ($150 cost)

Also - XEP only records work - so it it ignores the cafe stop and XEP/Avg Speed (avg. moving speed) excludes stop time.

… and if I am wrong well at least I had fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re missing the key point of xert. MPA - If you ignored the breaks during a ride your MPA would not show true recovery. Your data would show incorrectly.

I thought he was asking about other metrics. You are right of course MPA, TTR, TTE etc…are fixed on what they measure and how they are calculated…did not cross my mind that he wanted to change how those metrics are calculated… think I will shut up now :frowning: