Cafe Stop Treats

Thanks to @carytb for suggesting a new thread on the forum :slight_smile: Thought it’d be cool to see more café stops from around the world - feel free to share pictures of your favorite places to go, or perhaps just a recent stop that you’ve made.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your go-to café stop, favorite bites/pastries, and your favorite coffee orders! Cheers!

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This is a great idea. I’ll go first…

This was a cafe stop in a small town called “Duns” in the Scottish Borders a couple of weeks ago. A lovely coronation chicken baguette.


It’s been a cool spring in New Hampshire. I couldn’t pass by this little Cafe and the opportunity to warm up a bit.


No Coffee?! :wink:

This is one of my favorite stops in little Cedarburg, Wisconsin. They make an “OEO” (Oreo, espresso, Oreo) cookie that’s about as wide as my large head. And nitro cold-brew coffee to go with it on a hot summer ride :yum:


Just water that time Scott.

Lookout Cafe today just outside Longridge. Happy hard before cake Hard hard after to burn it off. Forgot to take a pic of the coffee and cake though.


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Cap’ in Kellinghusen

I can very much recommend the Double Cappuccino at a Coffee Place/Glaceria
called “Cortina” in a smaller town called Kellinghusen /Hamburg/Germany-north.
It’s a calm place just in the village center where you can sit outside, serving all
italian sweatmeat/goodies :+1:

A good returning point for a pause after some 50km! I’ve been there for 2 times
and will go there again taking another bike for the ride.
Approaching it from the south, all terrain is flat and partly one way can include
some +20km just straight on perfect tarmac. If you’re in the area give it a try.

The Cappuccino is great as the waffles + ice-cream. After that …the first 10km
back can get a bit slower, but one quickly recovers from that :sweat_smile:.



Waffles and ice cream at a rest stop?! That sounds delicious! :yum: