cadence question

Hi. Just new to Xert. Wondering why my average cadence is around 10 rpm lower than on my 520 data in Strava and Connect? I exclude zeros. Separately I do some rides on a winter bike with no PM - does it matter that they sync in from Strava along with power rides?

Xert always fills in gaps as it is necessary for proper fatigue calculations. It does this too with cadence and other data, hence there may be differences.

right thanks Armando - so I guess that means it includes the zeros?
Re the second part of my question I am presuming including any none power meter rides in the strava sync does not effect your signature etc?

Yes. All zeros and gaps are included. Sorry… only activities with power affect your signature. …as of now…

Okay thanks. Just didn’t want to include none power activities if they disturbed the signature calculations.