Cadence in Xert EBC on iOS

Am I missing something or is a target cadence range / Cadence optimizer not available during workouts in the iOS app. Is this feature limited to Android and desktop?

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You are not the only one missing it @hratchp . I have recently started using the iPhone app too as it so much more reliable than the Garmin IQ app version.
I found the target Cadence useful when using the Garmin app even though it was awfully slow in updating and would support a request to have this missing feature fixed/restored to the iPhone EBC app. This is especially important for when you are supposed to be doing low cadence high load efforts to build strength/provide the correct muscle stimulation etc to simulate climbing for example.
SUPPORT: Please fix this for us :slight_smile:

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I’ve always wanted to add “Bioshift” cadence optimizer to iOS app but haven’t heard many complaints from users. Perhaps they haven’t used EBC or the Garmin Player so don’t know what they’re missing? :smiley:

Update: Sorry guys but I see I missed mentioning the (probably) important bit in my initial reply to @hratchp which is just to clarify that I am particularly refering to the iPhone EBC app driving the Remote Player. The Target Cadence I am refering to was displayed in the Remote Player when using the Garmin app but is actually missing when using the iPhone EBC app to drive the Remote Player. I was/am not aware if it is displayed anywhere in any other (non iPhone) version of phone app etc :slight_smile:

Hi @xertedbrain
Never heard of “Bioshift” cadence optimizer before but sounds interesting. :slight_smile:
Do you think that has anything to do with the target cadence being displayed in the Remote Player cadence graph when driven by the Garmin and/or is that anything to do with why it is not displaying from the iPhone app - i.e. it’s a Garmin thing?
Bob J

Yes, it is the same CO displayed in the Remote Player and Session Player (the enhanced version of the Remote Player for both solo or group sessions).

Here is the Connect IQ link: Bioshift Cadence Optimizer | Garmin Connect IQ
It is also a function in Xert Mobile (old version of Android app superseded by EBC).

I don’t think most people realize it is combination of torque analyzer and personal preference.
Everyone has a range of rpm they are comfortable with at various points along their power curve. Optimal for you isn’t optimal for someone else. You’re also not going to turn a grinder into a spinner nor should you try (physiology differences).

Do I glance at CO while using the Session Player? Yes, especially during RIBs to remind me to slow my spin and occasionally to see where the next interval will likely land rpm-wise.
Do I miss it now that I ride exclusively with EBC/Android indoors and out? Initially, yes since I was accustomed to having it. Months later, no. It’s not something I would use outdoors and indoors it’s visible on the Remote Player or Session Player.

Someone new to cycling may find it more useful. I’ve got decades of experience but I did heed CO when I first started Xert. I learned to stop spinning at 90+ rpm for no good reason. IOW slow down for RIBs. There is no benefit to spinning through them especially indoors where heat and elevated HR is a factor. Make RIB a rest interval as intended. :slight_smile:

I don’t see how one could use CO for cadence drills which by definition would put you above or below the optimal zone and adversely affect the analysis since CO is also learning your preferred cadence. This would be especially true of low cadence/high load intervals.

You wouldn’t use CO while competing but you may learn something about your preferences and efficiency while climbing, sprinting, etc.
When I do glance at CO during an indoor solo session I’m “in zone” most of the time without thinking about. IME that’s more of a function of training load/intensity than consciously controlling your cadence. YMMV

The origin of the project code (2012?) was to develop an auto-shifting algorithm for use with electronic shifting. Hence bioSHIFT. :wink:
See this older article – Xert and Bioshift – A History – Xert (
Bioshift didn’t take off, but Xert sure did. :smiley:

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