Cadence/Gear Ratio

Is there a particular cadence and /or gear ratio associated with each workout. Seems to me that doing a workout at 90 rpm S17 gear is completely different than 90 rpm B17 gear.

Are you using a smart trainer? Some will see real power increase/decrease depending on the gear you use. (i.e the power targets are the same but when power is measured by a power meter,value can go up or down … one of the reasons we inroduced powermatch).

I have a Tacx Fortius trainer that I have been using for the past 10+ years. The Tacx Catalyst workouts are similar in that you can do watt intervals, however, each segment has a suggested gear combination (i.e. S15, B15, S21, B19, etc.,)

I see. Unfortunately we don’t provide that level of information for your trainer. Sorry about that.

I completed the Polar Interval workout using the suggested thresholds and found that B18 at 90rpm generated 242 watts for 2:20 and B17 at full speed generated the 672 watts for 7 sec, looks like I will have to different combinations to achieve the required wattage.