Cadence and HR signal dropped while using Xert Iphone App

Hi All,

I’m experiencing intermittent signal drops for HR and cadence. How can I fix this?


Couple basic troubleshooting tips that you may want to try… turn resetting bluetooth (off & back on) under your iOS settings. You can also try restarting the phone if you haven’t done that recently.

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Hi Scott,
I did what you suggested and it partially worked for cadence

However, now I have a bigger problem: The app doesn’t connect the HR strap anymore. I changed the battery in the strap, it connects to the iphone and works fine on my garmin computer.

Kindly help!.

It appears to be working again with a reinstall of the app….

Ok. I have the problem again…Do I have to reinstall the app before every time I use it??..that seems crazy. Please help