Burned fat and carbs but XERT don't know my pulse zones

How can Xert show burned fat and carbs in grams when it does not know my pulse-zones?

Recent trainings I have been under fatmax pulse for most of the time but I get the feeling xert thinks I am closer to my threshold power.

If we take the training Say it aint so.
What are the different zones you are supposed to be in?

I increased the ERG intensity to 122% and today it felt quite though. Reached 170 in pulse (max 185)

When I was in shape before my VO2max pulse was 173.

Good question Gunnar! We actually dont use ‘Zones’ anywhere in our system, since zones dont care about the order in which work is performed. Rather, we treat training as a continuous spectrum. The estimated Carb/Fat utilization is based upon your power output and your fitness signature.You can read more about that in our documentation here: Track Fat and Carb Utilization – Xert


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Thanks for your reply! I think I try to do some tests more often here and hopefully my profile will update to something more accurate.