Buckets not updating riding indoor w garmin

Worked great outdoor. Same devices with garmin Tactix and Garmin power pedals.
On Wahoo trainer and same watch and heart rate band, no xss accumulating.

Hi Chuck, are you using power pedals indoor, or are you using power from your smart trainer? If the latter, try adding your trainer as a power sensor as well as an ‘Indoor Trainer’ and see if that resolves things.

No, not using the power pedals on trainer but trainer provides power data to everything already. Trainer road, strava, the Garmin watch etc

I get that, but the ConnectIQ data field will only take data from a paired power sensor - it wont read the power data sent through the indoor trainer connection… try pairing your trainer as a power meter and see if it works on your next activity.

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Roger. Will try that.