BT confusion

Had a few weeks off the bike and my signature reasonably dropped. Had a decent ride back with a silver BT which put me about where I thought I should be, 880W / 22kj / 235W.
Did some punchy laps the next day, several BT efforts which were above MPA. It gave me a bronze BT (Up to 897, down to 21 kJ, down to 234W), however today my signature is showing as 921W / 22 kj / 237W.
If I had a BT AND increased all aspects of my signature, why did two elements decrease in the BT, only to subsequently increase? And why only a bronze BT?

EDIT: I went back and changed my decay from Low to Optimal and refreshed the first ride - this re-calculated the punchy laps as a silver BT with more sensible numbers.

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When you have a BT you actually have three sets of signature changes in one day.

  • One is the BT changes of up or down or stable on all three values, that’s what the BT report shows, new values are calculated based on your BT effort.
  • The second one is the change that comes from TL changes in the three systems, up or stable, mostly up with a BT ride usually. You accumulated some XSS in Low, High and Peak and that adds something to your signature values. Those occur with every activity.
  • The third is decay from one day to the next, depending on settings down every day or stable when TL is stable (TL matched).