breakthru, which power duration caused the recalculation

In my last training i did a 5 minute test to update my 5 minute duration value. before 323 W (to low in my opinion). XERT recalculated my signature, so far so good.
but where can i figure out which power duration effort was the basis for the recalculation? in the ride above it was the 5 minute power duration., because i KNOW that.
but i can’t see in any chart that explizid the 5 minute power duration is the reason for the better values. It would be interested for me to see in the past which (real) power duration in the ride was the reason for the recalculation for (some) power durations in my profile.
i hope you understand what i mean?!? (sorry for my german englisch :slight_smile: )

Hi Ralf. This is a great question. Check our blog on How Xert Works. This will help you understand what is happening a bit better. Xert does things with a more sophistication than just looking at your best 5 minute or X minute efforts. It looks at how you fatigue and determines which signature explains how your fatigue on your rides. This signature then can predict what power you can produce! So it is a bit different and may take a bit more time for you to understand how it all works but it you’ll find that it works very well and once you understand it, you’ll know your own ability much better.

Hello Armando. I performed the Short Fitness Test on my Tacx Neo this morning expecting a breakthrough to update my signature. To my surprise, I did not reach it even if I completed all the intervals. For the last 2-min interval, I decided to add 15W to 380 W in order to push it a bit further. I looked at the Garmin and Zwift-Strava curves and it’s even worst on the Zwift curve. What append? Can you help me understand? Thanks in advance. Christian.

Hi Christian. There are several fitness tests in the library, but only 1 can really be performed in erg mode on the trainer. Generally, you do not want to do a fitness test in erg mode. Simply ride without structure but aim to bring your fatigue (MPA) down to a low level before attempting an all-out effort. The erg mode fitness test will attempt to bring you past MPA although the erg mode constraints may not help you get the best results. Depends on the person.

I performed the Xert Short Indoor Fitness Test. It worked a month ago. I thought it would be best performed in a structured test like we use to do for MAP. I’ll give it a try outside in a week or so. Thanks Armando!