Breakthroughs & Edge 500

Hello to all. I’m new convert to Exert and I’m still trying to get to grips with it and have a million questions. But for now just a couple questions regarding breakthroughs and one regarding the Edge 500.
Regarding breakthroughs how do you get one when you’re in base stage of Century Rider and doing endurance workouts? My FTP is going down and a red warning triangle has appeared next to my last breakthrough. This was three weeks ago when I first started using Exert and I’m guessing it is warning me I need another breakthrough?
I know I’m best off with a smart Garmin but at the moment I’ve got an Edge500 and wanted to know if you can upload the Exert workouts to the 500?
Thanks for any help it’s much appreciated and needed.

Hi David. Thanks for joining!!

At the moment, the recommended advice is to simply schedule a short, hard ride every couple of weeks or to keep your signature honest. It doesn’t have to be a FTP test. The other option, although more for advanced users, it so switch your Decay Method. Read the blog on Magic Setting to see how that works. This is often good to use on a temporary basis during base training.

You can export TCX workouts and load them on the 500, but you’re better off using your iOS or Android to run the smart workouts, since they can be dynamic and require our player. An Android with an USB ANT+ stick is a great option.

Thank’s Armando your advice has confirmed what was dawning on me what I needed to do regarding breakthroughs and I was planning on heading out tonight on the same short hilly route where I had my last breakthrough.
I do use the mobile app for indoors but exporting to the Edge 500 was more for a helping hand in following a workout as prescribed as closely as possible on an outdoor ride.