Breakthroughs during base phase?

How often, if at all, should I be planning to have a breakthrough during “base” phase?

The reason I ask is because I am doing a lot of high-volume, low cadence tempo and sweet spot work (2x48, tempo @ 75 RPM & 3x30 sweet spot @ 90% FTP) and it is starting to feel easier than it should.

Should I schedule a breakthrough workout to re-calibrate the system? I currently have my account set to “no decay” and have been between 283 - 285 TP for a while.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Hi Brian,

Great question! Are you able to share a screenshot of your XPMC from the past ~3 months? It might help other users see your training load and the associated changes in your fitness signatures.

Sure… screenshot of my XPMC for the last 3 months is below:

This is actually quite a nice progression! Your training load is steadily improving and you can see that you TP is tracking along as well, generally increasing over this time period. In my personal experience, the no decay feature works really well in base period, so I would be comfortable with you keeping the fitness signature. However, if you do wish to perform some sort of maximal effort and aim for a BT, that certainly wouldn’t hurt. Sometimes those breakthroughs can tune up HIE or PP, which decay more during periods of Base Training that don’t involve large amounts of High or Peak Strain.

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