Breakthroughs, can you get more than one in same workout?

In several occasions my Watt output exceeded my MPA twice and a couple of times were 3, I noticed my graph shows only one yellow dot and sometimes nothing!. it happened this morning. my first Bronze Medal Xert phone App rewarded me with" Whao" was around 20:75 and I went deep farther for another 15sec to point where my watts were 30w above MPA. then the next interval was around 28:47 i only went 5 watts above MPA for 5 sec. The graph shows that my 2nd Power Output graph touched my MPA . I’m sure that my first interval attempt was more harder/ intense yet Xert showed it less than the 2nd one. any thought?

Xert Mobile, if connected to the Internet when you launch it, will obtain your latest signature. If it doesn’t see our server, it will use that last signature it was able to obtain. This is what it will use to calculate MPA. Generally, MPA calculated on the Android and our server-based calculations, should be very close.

In your case, your previous activity’s signature is identical to your latest. That’s pretty amazing that you were able to get a breakthrough both on Xert Online and Xert Mobile yet see such a small sub-decimal improvement. It means that your signature is about as precise as it can be and both Xert Online and Xert Mobile are tracking very closely (assuming Xert Mobile was using the same signature). Generally, what you’ll see when you upload a breakthrough activity is no different than other activities because Xert analyzes your activity when it is uploaded and extracts a signature for it. If it is a breakthrough activity, one or more signature values go up and this raises MPA and makes all (usually) the yellow dots disappear. If you see lots of y ellow dots on your chart when you first open it up, generally means that the Xert extraction routine wasn’t able to detect the pattern in your data automatically.

Back to your original question, can you get more then one breakthrough? Absolutely. It is common to exceed MPA on more than one occasion or to have many seconds of Maximal Effort Time. But remember, a breakthrough can simply mean that what Xert has as your fitness signature is lower than what you can do and Xert will raise signature variables when you upload the activity. If your signature is accurate and precise, your maximal efforts will touch MPA but not surpass it, like points in your latest activity. Often you’ll see these activities as circles on your progression chart. You will have to get stronger to keep your signature variables moving upwards or wait until your parameters are brought down after taking it easy for a while to continue getting breakthroughs.

Thanks for the great questions, Shar!

Grrreat. Thank you very much for your patience and fast response! the picture in getting clearer and clearer everyday! BTW, I always login to Xertonline through that app before I any workout. my next question was the circle on the Progr Chart but you’re already answer that!