Breakthrough with No Change to Signature

Presumably a Breakthrough with virtually no change in your signature merely confirms that your signature is accurate? Mine is set to Small Decay and the last breakthrough was 5 weeks ago.

Virtually, as in hardly noticeable? If you get a BT, either 1, 2 or 3 values have changed, even if by a small margin. Also, I’ve had (bronze) BT’s where 1 parameter increased, but 2 went down…

As you can see only my Hie went up and that by a tiny amount. I took it that it was confirmation that after 4/5 weeks of riding and decay set at small my signature was still accurate. Gives me a lot of confidence that it’s not going to drift too far from reality during an extended period of no breakthroughs.

That’s less than I’ve seen so far, as I usually get at least .1 change. As for accuracy and no BT, I don’t know the correlation between that, but I have stopped worrying about not having BT’s for a while. My values change, both up and down, the general trend being - slightly - upwards, so I’m fine with that. Then again, at age 59 I probably do not fall into Xert’s primary target group…

I’m with you on that. I’m 63

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