Breakthrough Type

Does the way you get/prefer to get a breakthrough say anything about the type of rider you are. I find trying to do a longer more drawn out one really difficult if not impossible. On the other hand after a few intervals I just want it over with and the quickest way is to go harder and shorter. Many thanks to @ridgerider2 and his post about his progress of a few days ago for inspiring me to go for a breakthrough.

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I’ve had breakthroughs like that, and was told that it’s a “cheeky” breakthrough. I received no other explanation, but I suspect those types of breakthroughs aren’t all that accurate as compared to the longer, drawn out ones to which you refer.

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Yep I find those short interval type breakthroughs make my predicted power for longer durations unrealistically high. So I try stick to the repeated longer intervals like in the breaktgrough tests.

I’m not sure I agree with you on that. My understanding is that, due to the nature of Xert’s 3 factor signature, a breakthrough is a breakthrough. In fact the more stochastic the breakthrough is the better. One of the Xert workouts for obtaining a breakthrough achieves it with about 7 minutes of effort with 30/15 intervals. My breakthrough above was modelled on that and gave me one in the same time.

“cheeky” in this case refers to a single sprint/max effort (<15 sec) that produces a BT.
If you view the previous signature for the activity (under Advanced MPA) does the MPA drawdown occur over multiple peaks? If so, that generates a more accurate BT.
I’m guessing that did occur and your image reflects the adjusted signature which will only show a single point to match the new signature.

You can also perform this type of effort outdoors such as on a climb where you repeatedly attack with short RIBs while MPA remains drawn down. Or during a series of max sprints while under that fatigued state.
The longer the effort is and more times you can exceed MPA based on your current signature the more data the algorithm has to work with to generate a new signature.

@ridgerider2 Is this what you mean?
Actually that image is a bit disingenuous as my previous signature was some 3 months old and I had my account set to No Decay. Reading your post inspired me to go for more breakthroughs going forward so I set my decay to Optimal Decay which shows up on this image as a recalculated TP of 201W as opposed to the 225 that I had been working on. I’d done a couple of maximum sprints the day before which upped my PP a bit and this BT gave me +5W bump on TP and 2kJ on HIE. To be honest after my final sprint I could barely breath and there was no way I could have done any more, also I wasn’t thinking too clearly at that point either.

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