Breakthrough Silver or Gold?


I broke my elbow a few weeks back, and whilst recovering I’ve been doing a fair bit of endurance work on the trainer. Last few sessions have felt much easier than they should have and as the arm is starting to get stronger I thought I’d better try and reset my signature.

I did the Fitness Test for Breakthroughs workout, and did better than I thought, on looking at my improvements, I have improved in all three areas, TP,HIE and PP, yet it has only come out as a silver breakthrough. I’m still happy with the session and result, especially so as I am still limited by my wonky arm, but am just a little curious as what it would’ve taken to push this to a gold breakthrough.

I’ve linked the workout HERE.

And attached a screen grab which shows the before and after Fitness Signature. Once again, just curious really, the more I know the better I’ll understand and get more out of Xert.


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