Breakthrough Question - Metrics All Reduced

I recently did a Zwift Race and got a Breakthrough. Except the breakthrough report shows PP, HIE, and TP all reducing slightly.

Now, I know it’s a breakthrough as my power in the sprint at the end exceeded my MPA, but how is that really a breakthrough if all 3 metrics are reduced?

Clearly, I am missing something important here!


It is not unusual to get a Near BT when an effort is very close to exceeding current signature by a small amount and duration.
You can see how close/long the BT event was by using the Previous button under activity details.
When this situation occurs one or more values will be adjusted downward a bit as a function of the decay algorithm.
It may not be labeled as a Near BT (empty circle), but means your signature is very close to dialed in. :+1:

Fitness Breakthrough – Xert (