Breakthrough on Garmin but not on Xert


On at least 4 of my last outdoor rides I have had a breakthrough on my Garmin however when I upload the ride to Xert I am no where near a breakthrough. When my Garmin beeps to show a BT I continue to push over my TP for at least 10 seconds. Please can you advise.


Are your CIQ fields up-to-date? I would also think of a fake through if you were close, but you mention you are nowhere near a BT, so I can only think of that…

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That’s an interesting point. I recently applied an update to my Edge 520 & updated the Xert CIQ fields. I think since then I’ve had issues.

Might well be a cause. If all else fails, maybe delete and reinstall them? Or reach out to support to check compatibility with the latest 520 firmware - my 530 also got an update, but it did not affect the CIQ fields.

First of all not suggesting that you don’t have a problem with your Garmin but I have a Garmin 520 with new update as far not had any problems, I have the IQs 3.3.3, as said maybe re installing IQS

Got a breakthrough today :grinning:
Seems after updating the firmware or the Xert CIQ data fields, the Xert username & password were lost so was using some default values. Set these & Xert signature was corrected.
Thanks for your responses :+1:t2:

I run a Garmin 530 with the Xert fields and very often Gold breakthroughs on the Garmin are ‘only’ either silver or bronze on the Xert Desktop. When I got a Gold yesterday on my Garmin I glanced down after the sprint and my MPA was 350w, but later on the PC it was never near that.

Not a complaint, just an observation. One of the Xert Podcasts recently Armando explained this was down to the different capabilities between the two platforms in calculating MPA, which does make sense to me.

As MPA comes from Xert, that seems an odd observation.

What I think is going on, is that your Garmin will give you a BT, but the Xert analysis (afterwards) will set that against your new signature. If you go back to your old signature (advanced MPA, previous), you’ll see your effort against your old signature…

Regardless, if you’re hitting failure within seconds of when the Garmin predicts… I’d say the model works pretty darn well :wink: One thing to think about is that hitting MPA is really only showing that the current FS is accurate. To really break through, you should be able to surpass MPA, and then keep going!