Breakthrough on Garmin 520 but not once uploaded

I rode this morning and had a breakthrough workout on my Garmin Edge 520 and my Fenix 5x. Both had updated with Xert at the start of the ride so I assume the parameters were correct. My power max was well in excess of my pmax as calculated by Xert’s model (200 watts more than Xert’s number). When I uploaded the ride to Xert the website still indicates my last breakthrough was a few weeks ago and the peak power is still 200 watts less than my 1s peak power during the ride. Anyone knows what might be happening?

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 1

That’s screenshot of the best effort on the ride. I’d assumed that because my power was in excess of the predicted MPA that it would be a breakthrough effort (and that seemed to be confirmed on my Garmin devices during the ride by the medal icon). Am I missing something?

That makes sense about why the Garmin might indicate a breakthrough but the website not. But I still find it curious that on the website my power crossed over the MPA line and it still isn’t a breakthrough. Isn’t that the definition of a breakthrough (i.e. when my real world results “disprove” the parameters defining my power curve in Xert I’ve “broken thru” and Xert has to recalculate the parameters so my real world performance doesn’t exceed what was predicted to be possible)?

That’s a pretty minor breakthrough. You can experiment with bumping your TP by a watt or two and using the Refresh Analytics button on the Advanced tab to see how MPA gets mapped.

Got it. I quit pushing as soon as I saw the breakthrough on the Garmin. Next time I will hold the effort for longer to make sure it is picked up when I load the ride to Xert. Appreciate the quick replies!

I have a 59 sec TTE @ 700W, I got that reading to -10 seconds on a previous ride and got the Garmin breakthrough but the almost breakthrough on the website… now 10sec out of 59sec that’s 1/6th, which sounds like a lot.

I had the No Decay option enabled at the time. I wil attempt it again soon with the “Original” decay to see if that changes things…

Getting a negative number for TTE doesn’t mean you had a breakthrough. It essentially means you can’t hold 700W and need recovery before you can reach it again (MPA is below 700W).