Breakthrough Lab Podcast cuts out

Has anybody else experienced the podcast cutting out? All my other podcasts work fine, but for some reason the Breakthrough Lab one cuts out constantly, and won’t download. Completely un-listenable.

I started at the beginning, so episodes 1-3, none of which I have been able to listen to. I haven’t tried later ones yet.

Update: The most recent podcast works fine. So it must just be the earlier ones?

No problems listening to any but I run them a Windows 10 laptop. YMMV :smiley:

I’m just using my iPhone.

Ok, so I went through all the episodes available up until Episode 21, Nov 6, 2020. Episodes 1-8 aren’t working. 9 works. 10 doesn’t. 11&12 work. 13 doesn’t. 14-21 seem to work.

To be clear, most of them (not all) will eventually start streaming, but freeze (cut out) intermittently, quite regularly. This happens enough that they are unlistenable. I tested each episode for at least 30 seconds.

I’m using an iPhone 6.

I’m sure you guys are super busy, but hopefully this gives you some information to work with if you’re trying to figure out why they aren’t streaming properly.

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Worked fine for me on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Using Episode 13 as the test, what happens if you use SoundCloud instead of iTunes?

I don’t have/use Soundcloud.

“Worked”. How recently did you listen to the earlier episodes? Can you stream them now, or have you already downloaded them? Any chance they get relegated to a lower quality server with time? I’m just spitballing here… I know nothing about how podcasts work behind the Apple curtain.

Isn’t it a free app you can download just to use for testing?

Sure, but my objective isn’t to discover whether there is an app that will allow me to listen to the podcasts, it’s to help Xert solve a problem with their Apple Podcasts.

Xert is getting traction on YouTube. Alot of people noticed that Dylan Johnson uses Xert and have started asking questions about it, after his TrainerRoad video. I mentioned it to JustinDoesTriathlon, who did a review of TR, who in the video was all excited about the possibility of TR using their massive fitness database to analyze fitness signatures and tailor their plans etc, so I commented about how Xert is already doing that for half the price of TR. He mentioned alot of people have been asking him about Xert, and so he was going to look into it, and maybe do a video.

So having your Apple podcast working when you have a bunch of new people showing up to check out your platform would be helpful if you want to build your user base.

And I’m trying to simplify my life by getting rid of as much technology as I can. I’m not interested in adding yet another app. (There is a reason I use a physical calendar to track my workouts.) For podcasts, I use Apple. So if the earlier Breakthrough Labs podcasts aren’t working I simply won’t listen to them. I’ll just listen to the newer ones. :man_shrugging:

Well, started with Episode 1 and worked my way through most of them over the last month whilst decorating during the (latest) lockdown. Most were streamed but one or two downloaded. I’ve just tested Ep 1 on the same iPhone 8 using Apple podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud (hate that app now!) - listened to the first couple of minutes on each app, streamed, and no issues at all.

Huh. Weird. It consistently cuts out for me. I’ve tried it on numerous days.

Tried it just now on my iPhone with the native podcast app, no problems. Are you sure it’s a technical issue and not the Canadian accent? :stuck_out_tongue:
And although my library of cycling related podcast-episodes is quite full at the moment I’d like to add: New episode soon? :slight_smile:

We know, we know… it’s been very busy at the Breakthrough Lab lately! We’ll hopefully start back up with Season 2 soon!

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Haha. Yeah, no.

If some of my other podcasts had the same problem, maybe I would assume the problem was on my end, but all my other podcasts work perfectly.

But, it’s probably for the best. The less time listening to podcasts, the better. Once you choose your vortex, it tends to suck you in completely.

Gotta make sure I keep my life balanced!