Breakthrough in the wrong place compared to garmin

I’ve seen this a few times now, on my garmin I can get the 3s average power way above the current MPA, say 600W vs 400W, and the garmin will flag a breakthrough (i highlighted a large gap as a small gap 600W vs 580W I could see being suspect due to timing and averaging issues), I usually have a few more attempts after that point maybe 30-60s later, and I’ll again go past the MPA. However the breakthrough is then indicated on the second/third attempt and not the one that the garmin flagged.
In the example below the garmin tripped on the 2nd/3rd peak, which here shows as not being near to being a breakthrough. My first thought is that the MPA is updated retrospectively for this ride, which physiologically makes sense, but if I had not done the 4th effort would there have been a breakthrough, or if the increase from the 4th effort was not applied would there have been a smaller increase from the 3rd effort that would be a breakthough? The gap looks to be about 90W, the increase was 21W, so I’d still be 69W short?

As you suspected it always shows the new signature. There is a button on breakthrough activities to show the previous signature at the bottom. Then you see which parts of your activity were above your old signature.

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Brilliant, thanks, I’d played with the other buttons before but they seemed to continually update some values everytime I pressed them, so I left them alone.

@Idexfix is spot on! Since it’s not possible - by definition - to be above your MPA, the system needs to determine the new signature such that your power can meet/touch MPA, but not exceed it.

Using the ‘Previous’ button should display what you saw in real-time in EBC or Garmin MPA data fields.

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