Breakthrough efforts.

I am trying my first 90 day training block towards a target event (mount evans climb :). I had a few questions. During my build and my base phase, the calculator has slowly increased my training load but the activities are all long endurance rides. The signature keeps blinking that i havent had a breakthrough but if i do a hard activity it throws me off the plan. I get tired after a hard activity and its hard to accumulate high starin over the next week. Should I try to breakthrough still or stick with the plan. The other thing i notice is that even if I keep track with my training recomendations, my FTP always decays downwards slowly which is very disheartening as I put in 6 days a week worth of endurance training and try to accumulate the recomended amount of strain. I never see my FTP rising even though the goal predicts a higher FTP in 6 weeks. I switched to no decay today but I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. I have a a reasonable chunk of data in my history and have 2.5 stars currently. any suggestions.

Most every ride during base phase is endurance plus selected athlete type affects workout selection.
As you move from base to build to peak the star values will increase. The workouts get harder (more strain) but aren’t designed to generate a breakthrough.
When that blinking warning appears, I select one of the breakthrough workouts from the workout library. Preferably you want to do this after an easy or rest day. There are three breakthough workouts. I like Version 2. Tip: Ramp up for the final 3 max efforts. I used to do them seated. Now I rise out of the saddle and spin up as soon as one starts then settle back down. Sometimes I attempt to crush the last one.
The other option is an occasional group ride where there’s going to be a sections where people hammer and sprint at tops of hills or to boundary markers.

Hey thanks much. Happy riding