Breakthrough but no change in fitness signature

Hi, I’m brand new to power meter training and xert (christmas presents!) so i only have a couple of activities so far - an 8x30 sec turbo sprint session yesterday (with a quick 5 second blast at the start) and a long ride today. On one of the climbs today my power exceeded MPA for about 40 seconds, the values went purple, i got a medal on the datafield etc. On the xert activities log the ride has a little cup with the text ‘you improved your fitness signature during this activity’, but the signature itself is unchanged from the intial one last night. I appreciate i haven’t given it much to work with, i was expecting the numbers to be quite volatile until it had enough activities to stabilise, but i feel like i’m missing something? To shorten the question, the ride was identified as a breakthrough but the signature didn’t change - any ideas?

Yes. LIkely a combination of a very long ride and a signature that was a bit off to start with but all is ok now. All the best for 2018 and thanks for using Xert.

Perfect, thanks Armando - looking forward to getting into it properly. Happy New Year.

so there’s no need to use advanced mpa analysis and extract from an activity when you achieve a breakthrough ? is it automatic?

Yes! The system should take care of everything. Only time you need to do it if there was something anomaly in your data that the system didn’t address.

I’m not sure… activity says I got a silver medal, but fitness signature is the same.

Try removing and resyncing/uploading your activity. A fix went in last night to address this.

works fine