Breakthrough and Base Training - can a breakthrough be achieved?

I would like to understand if it is possible to get a breakthrough during the Base phase by performing only the recommended workouts. I started for 2 weeks in base and I thought the thresholds were to low. I did a ride on the trainer but using another software package that allowed me to ride as I saw fit. I got a breakthrough and my thresholds went up. I have been training at that higher level ever since. If i hadn’t done the other workout would my threshold levels have increased or would they have remained low? Doing the training into build etc should I expect breakthroughs via performing just this training on the Smart trainer or do I need to perform one of the “breakthrough” workouts if I think I am ready? Note I don’t have a power meter on my road bike so I assume I can’t get a breakthrough from that source.

Your fitness sig parameters will generally track with your training load (based on historical data). This means that they’ll increase as your training load increases, even without a breakthrough. However, we still recommend pushing for breakthroughs occasionally when Xert detects a stale fitness signature. HTH

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cheers, thanks - very clear.