Breakdown of work for activity

How do I see a breakdown of the work I’ve done for an activity into:

  • low intensity
  • high intensity
  • peak intensity
    I can see the overall work done but not a breakdown akin to what is shown toward the bottom of this article.
    I am still on the free trial so maybe this is a paid subscriber only feature? Note that I see I can get low, high and peak XSS in the activities table view but strain isn’t exactly equivalent to stress/work is it (I’m still learning)?

Love the platform by the way. I’m in my late 20s and did maths at university so am really geeking out over this different way of analysing workouts and my fitness!

I’m wondering this too, did you ever figure it out? Cheers

What type of additional data are you looking for?
The activity table includes columns for low, high, and peak XSS if you enable them from the toolbar.
The progression strain chart shows low, high, peak strain in kj as you mouseover over each activity bar.

@ridgerider2 Thanks, the activity table columns are what I was looking for. Thanks! The activity table would be great if the csv exported just numerical values in the columns (easier to do our own math in excel, etc). Also, doesn’t seem like KJs as a column is available.