Bkool & Xert

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I want XERT to control my Wahoo Kickr 5 but I want to ride Bkool routes.

When I start my Xert workout and secondly start the route in Bkool the latter takes control over my Kickr.

Is there a way I can keep Xert controlling my Kickr?

Best regards, Wouter

Xert needs control in order to signal the workout changes. If you meant Bkool controlling the Kickr,
is there a setting on Bkool to disable control of the Kickr 5? Since the Kickr 5 has 2 bluetooth connections it should work if you can disable control.

Thx, no unfortunately Bkool does not have this option.

Does the Kickr 5 broadcast as both a trainer, and also as a power meter? And does Bkool let you just select the power meter? If so, then it would have no ability to control the Kickr.

No Bkool does not have this option. I know Zwift does.

Hi Wouter, bkool used to have this feature, but it disappeared a couple of release ago. I think you should ask for this feature at bkool.

Thanks :sunglasses:

I won’t btw. Had Bkool glitches and lost my 3 hour ride. So back to only Xert or combineren Zwift that have never let me down :mechanical_arm: