Bizar recommended workout

I 've been using Xert for a few weeks now, and my recommended workout today is a Hardness test level 12. There is no way I could ever do that. 160 XSS in an hour??? And I would have a BT if I manage to finish the warm-up! What is happening here?

Some background: TP 340, HIE 18.8, PP 655, 3+ h power 301, LTP 293.
My fitness signature is (I think) not an average one, but I believe it is not too far off. I am a bit older (57) and I have been training for & doing unsupported ultra races for the last couple of years. My peak power is indeed ridiculously low, Training Peaks gives my FTP @ 324, so TP 340 in Xert might be too high, and bringing up my LT has been my training focus for the last 5 years.

Thanx for a bit of clarification!

Yeah, not all signatures can make the higher level hardness tests work. There is Level 12 Alternate for that. Does that work for you?

No, the alternate version looks very similar. I have 2 questions about this. How come xert thinks I am a level 12 athlete? I am not, by far, I am at 3-star level. And why does it propose a workout where I need a breakthrough during warmup already, and where by the end even the off parts of the intervals are above mpa?

I think you may have just mistakenly clicked it and made it your selected workout. It’s rated at 4.5 diamonds so isn’t likely to have been auto selected. If you wish to have a workout selected for you, enable the check box “Select a recommended workout automatically”.

As @xertedbrain says you may have clicked it while perusing the workout library.
When you do that a short notification appears and disappears at the top of the screen.
That workout sticks as your Selected Workout under Recommended Workouts until you change the selection in the future.

If you are happy to have XATA select a workout for you, enable automatic selection.
My advice is to review the top four matches shown and if you don’t see a workout you like click Load More and scan the full list of twenty. You’ll have more variety to choose from.
When you select automatic XATA will randomly select from the top four at this moment.
I used automatic when I first started Xert but now I much prefer to review all my options. :slight_smile:
On occasion I will also click Filter to the right of Recommended Workouts and choose a different athlete type. That is how I discovered some of my favorite workouts.

As you become more familiar with Xert you’ll want to scan the workout library for other workouts to try. For example, you might decide to do the hardness test series in sequential order starting with your current status level. Since you are at 3 stars select the 3 diamond test which is Level 05. Over future weeks try 06, 07, and so on to see how far up the ladder you can go.

You will notice if you click on the title or chart for a workout in the library list Workout Designer loads and shows you details on how the workout is defined.
If you click on description, focus/type, XSS, or duration column entries that workout is selected as your next workout (notification appears then disappears).


Useful advice.

Challenge thrown out for that level 12 workout. It does look ridiculously hard.