Bike workouts saving as running workouts

Im at a loss as to whats going on. I dont have a running profile setup. I only have a cycling profike yet both yesterday’s and todays workouts using the xert android ebc app both started as bike workouts but saved to xert and strava as running workouts.

Im baffled.



When i go into my strava account and change it from a run to a cycle on strava it pulls this through and changes it to a cycle on xert.

Can someone please look into this for me.

What does it say at the top of the screen after you tap the :arrow_forward: Activity button on the bottom?

Which screen? Ebc app or web?

Ahhh it says Solo Run. I wasn’t aware it could show anything other than ride if i only have a ride profile.

Is that what i was doing wrong?

Thanks Armando.

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