Bike Computer of the Future

Hey everyone. I just listened to the latest podcast and heard @xertedbrain talking about the possibilities for a bike computer of the future. EBC has the potential to do that, but it will require a lot of development work. I thought I’d start a little thread here for us to brainstorm about currently non-existent features that would be great for a bike computer.

Here’s a starting list:

  1. live weather alerts (@xertedbrain mentioned this on the podcast). I’ve seen something like that tries to do this before a ride. Could be cool to have it integrated
  2. More dynamic maps. Say I want to find bathroom/water in the middle of a ride. Can the maps route me to something nearby? This might be crowd-sourced info…
  3. Optimal power profiles for a route. This is done by, but it would be cool if it were automatic or something like that…

That’s all I’ve got for now… Feel free to add on others…

Let’s keep this thread about capabilities that don’t exist on bike computers now. Not about things we’d like to see on EBC (i.e. implementing some feature that already exists on a Garmin).


The one I’m waiting for is “race position”. When you are racing in an age group category it’s not unusual to have no idea where you are placing until you finish.