Bigger ride tomorrow, can Xert tone it down for today?

What’s the best way to tell Xert “hey, look, I’ve got 3hrs planned tomorrow probably **** difficulty, can you suggest something for today that isn’t one of these absolute bangers you’ve got planned so I’m not knackered tomorrow?”

I’ve tried adding a planned workout to tomorrow of a similar duration that’s not so difficult, and I’ve tried artificially giving some bad freshness feedback, but is there a better way?


If you know you want to ride easy you can just do that by feel / free ride?

If you need a workout e.g. for erg indoors, aside from the freshness feedback, you can filter for duration and difficulty to get easy workouts eg 2 diamonds or less. And if you still want to target a certain focus, you can filter for that too. (There are more filters on the website than the iOS app for info, and you can choose the workout in the web and it will be selected next time you open the app)

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Thanks, did that!

If blue-green/fresh today and you plan to ride long/hard tomorrow, YOU DECIDE what’s appropriate to do today. IOW TAKE CONTROL as @wescaine says and use FILTER to generate a suggested list by duration, focus, difficulty or combination.

Watch this section of the Academy I3 video that explains how XSS deficit/surplus works in respect to the Planner and how you might populate the Planner for the week ahead by creating your own mix of intensity and duration in tandem with XATA.

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Well, that’s good, because that’s what I’ve been doing. I just put an hour and 15 of moderate endurance in my legs most of the time. I prefer the Sessions with videos because then I don’t have to think, and it’s less boring.

It’s bizarre. I’m almost never Fresh. Xert says I’m Tired or Very Tired most of the time. I mean, I’m 52, and the truth stings…