Big lag with remote player

Hi, I did my first workouts recently with remote player and there is a lag of about 5 seconds with the power readings which makes it difficult to use. I am using an Edge 820 and an Iphone and I gather that there is nothing that can be done about the lag with that set up. My question is, would it be significantly better, i.e. a lot less lag, using the IOS app and the remote player because my HRM is only ANT+ so I would need to invest in a BT one and I am not going to bother if there is still going to be lag. I should add I am using a Stages power meter which I think works with the app.

Hi Anthony,

Try using the Xert EBC iOS app instead the 820 and let us know if there is any difference. Some Edges working through Garmin Connect for connectivity have been known to be very slow.

Hi Armando,

OK I will try it without the HRM. Will having no HRM affect how SMART workouts behave at all ?

No it should not affect anything. If you wish, you can record on your 820 concurrently and save that or pick up a Cable from NPE to interface your HRM to our app.

Thanks, that is what I intend to do, record it with the 820 and save it.