BIG Changes Coming

Stay tuned for an email to come out shortly with all the details.

In summary:

  1. New Group Training Communities - Go to Sessions page and click Group Training Community. You’ll get a 4 week Training Plan scheduled into your calendar. Join one. Check it out. Consider doing the sessions!

  2. New Free Subscription Plan - Group training sessions are now free! This means Group Training Communities are free too … 4 week Training Plans at no cost.

  3. Bike The World / Open Road discount. Watch for the email for more info.


Sounds interesting. I thought the main advantage of xert though was that there wasn’t a plan.

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Yes, sounds like a complete 180. I can’t imagine though these will be cookie-cutter plans. There’s got to be a Xert twist somewhere. Armando?

They’re free and not specific to the user. Just a bunch of predefined workouts mapped to dates. Key is to get new users exposed to Xert and doing group sessions on the platform with coaches, friends and teammates.

Xert does have an advantage in terms of group workouts. Intervals are better adapted to each athlete and beginners and pros can train together even.

So these aren’t coming from the advisor. Just your typical 4-week plan with 4 or 6 hours per week.


I don’t have a pc. If I was to make use of the 10% discount and sign up how can I use Bike The World / Open Road without one? Will it work on the apple tv?

I tried a Xert WO as a Session running a Bike the World video (TdF 2022 preview) and was very impressed. EBC froze once early on & needed a force close & re-open of the Android App. Also Spotify playlist just stopped about an hour in & I could not get it restarted.
I guess post ride I was slightly disappointed not to get any GPS location data (so no Strava map to display) and no elevation data. Early days I guess, but overall very impressive work tying Xert, Bike the World & Spotify together.

Thanks Richard. Strange to see the app freeze. Was it the browser data not being updated or did the app itself stop recording? Send more details if you can. Haven’t seen or have had any reports of this in a long while. It’s been super solid.

Spotify isn’t anything we can control. We just open a page to the playlist provided by Spotify’s API in the browser.

In terms of GPS, we have considered adding the GPS data but decided to record distance and use Strava’s new grouping capability to show when athletes ride together. We can add GPS data but it’s a bit wonky with Strava since you may end up on a leaderboard without actually having ridden the actual roads.

Open Road only runs on your PC. Check the for more info.

Okay thanks. That’s pretty restrictive for them.

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I’ve been testing Xert for a few days and I’m very satisfied with this training option because it is tailored precisely to my current level of performance for each training session. However, I use FulGaz, which gives me excellent videos and has optimally integrated my Wattbike Atom X.

For my training I use the Xert ZWO files with the FulGaz software via an Apple TV. However, I have to upload the ZWO files to FulGaz manually with my PC. Because the PC and Wattbike are in separate rooms, I use the Apple TV for training, which also provides far better pictures than the PC monitor.

But I would be very interested in Open Road as soon as Xert can be used in connection with Open Road via an Apple TV and an automatic data synchronization between Garmin (currently Forerunner 945 or Edge 1030 +) takes place. Let’s see what the future brings.