Better to not post files w/o power, hrm, etc. OR estimate output?

I have been spending a lot of time recently on my cross bike (w/o a power meter but with heart rate) and doing long (often hard rides) on a city bike with SPD’s and my young son in a baby seat (w/o power and heart rate). Xert’s current estimation of my FTP is really low, somewhere between 20-27 watts off. Is it better to not post these rides or to download the files and estimate the xss, etc.? Is Strava’s very low automatic estimation of power (when no power meter is used) also skewing my numbers? I am assuming that Strava’s interpretive algorithm is not ‘flowing’ into Xert but maybe I am wrong. Help?

This is correct. You should try and estimate a real XSS for these rides. Make a note however, to record your non-power activities with HR and cadence. We’re working on a new algorithm to estimate XSS from non-power data and it will rely on HR and cadence for accurate measurements.

Will do. Thanks!

Why not estimate power data from rider profile and elevation for outdoor rides when no HRM is used (or has obviously bad or missing data points)? Wouldn’t this be more accurate than nothing? Wouldn’t it be more accurate than a HRM as well?

I realize this isn’t accurate enough to update XATA power metrics or whatever but it seems like it would be useful to update Freshness and TSS type information which would at least make the Recommended Workouts more accurate.