Beta test of enter sandman

Did the enter sandman workout today, really good workout. Although it’s aimed as a climber workout, as a TTer I used the surges as speed surges rather than maybe lower cadence climbing.
I usually upload the plans onto zwift and all works well when uploading at finish. But today it didn’t upload to xert. So I had to go to strava to then upload it onto xert. Is this because its a beta version at present or just a glitch between strava and xert.

My ride didn’t sync yesterday, that was an outdoor ride. I ended up just syncing the file manually, think there’s been a few gremlins recently with the servers and due to Covid-19 it’s taking a little bit longer than normal to get them sorted. There’s been a few people with issues so the Xert team are aware of it.

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Yes, as of late it might take a few hours for the sync to happen. I don’t care about my runs so I never force a sync for them, but sooner or later they show up.

I did outdoor ride with my elemt bolt and didn’t upload to strava. Had to upload manually as well. Probably right, servers are probably overloaded.