Beta gives more red stars than previous version

It looks like the beta thinks I m always very tired. I m not sure about that.

I am getting that too.

Any idea about how to make colors more realistic ?

@Adam and @Jarvis, since the Beta version was just pushed to Production last night, I’m assuming you’re seeing the same thing in Production now. I’m not sure what each of your current training loads are right now, but if I had to guess, I’d bet they are lower than you normally have them. One thing to keep in mind is that the Freshness Score (the color of the stars) is based upon your current Training Load as well as the XSS for each of your PP, HIE and TP. Thus, the lower your Training Load (TL), the faster a hard workout will pull you into the red. My current TL is around 134 and it takes a significant workout to pull me from my typical Blue freshness into a Red (only gone from Blue to Red twice before). The old version of XERT averaged all your different energy sources’ XSS (PP, HIE and TP) and used that with your TL, but the new version takes each one separately to determine your freshness. If any one of the 3 pull you into the red zone, you’ll get red stars. And as I mentioned before, the lower your TL, the faster you will get there. Both of you probably have some significant mileage (over the years) under your tires and can probably handle more than the model is thinking you can. If you still feel fresh, I’d suggest to ride to how you feel for a while and let the model catch up to the efforts you are putting in. In my experience, it will read quite true once you start putting in a solid base of data for it to base its calculations on. I hope that helps, and if I’m way off base, @Amrando, please feel free to slap me down :slight_smile:

You’re hired! If you’ve been riding a lot without recording power, this can happen too.

I have been recording running efforts and manually adding an XSS estimate - maybe this is not a good idea as my estimates may be overrated.

Depends on how far back you’ve been adding them.

Last few weeks only

That would do it. Need to go back a couple of months, minimum.

Thanks Armando, but I think I’ll just delete the running data as I do not know a way of estimating XSS accurately. Is there a solution in XERT if I am recording runs with a Polar M450 and uploading to Strava, then synching with XERT?

Not yet. Part of our roadmap.

Thanks for your answers Kevin and Armando. It’s true I’m now in off season and not pushing the numbers. Yesterday I cycled despite red stars and I felt great though.

After double checkin freshness with a classic PMC, I realize it actually does match better with how I feel (TSB is near 0 while Xert says “very tired”). That makes new xert problematic to me.

There are only two conditions that could result in being Very tired when you’re actually fresh. 1. You have not accounted for all the training you’ve been doing and your real training load is higher than what Xert sees in the data it has. 2. Your fitness signature is better than what the system has at the moment. This could be due to how Xert follows a detraining path and expects you to push yourself (not a test … just reach MPA) every so often to keep the numbers honest.

Note that Xert uses a ratio of your Form to Training Load to establish freshness and not just Form (i.e. TSB) alone. It does this for all three systems.

All the training has been accounted. So it must be 2.
I ll try to push myself and reach MPA. Thanks for your help.

Be sure you accumulate fatigue before the push. It is not a Peak Power test.