Best way to stop Xert saying "BREAKTHROUGH!" on Strava?

Maybe I’m being overly British but it’s pretty embarrassing having it look like I’m congratulating myself with “BREAKTHROUGH!” on my rides posted to Strava. What’s the best way to stop Xert from adding that comment?

one option is to upload to Strava first from your computer then have Xert grab it from Stava second. That way the info has not been processed by Xert that goes to Strava.

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Disable the function as detailed below.
If you rely on Garmin for multi-sport monitoring you also can change the sync sequence from Garmin to Strava to Xert.
Otherwise most of us like to know when a signature adjustment occurs wherever we track our activities.
How often are they occurring?


How do I get Breakthrough and Workout Reports to show on Strava? – Xert (

Adding & Syncing Activities – Xert (

I’m editing them manually at the moment, but hoping to automate it as it’s a bit annoying.

Ron’s suggestion sounds promising but can I get Zwift to upload direct to Xert? Or I’m wondering if it’s possible to give Xert permission to only read from Strava but not write? that would solve my issue

Generally the breakthrough updates and reports generate kudos and congratulations from other athletes since they indicate that you pushed harder than normal. We more often get requests to enable rather than disable.

On the page, the top toggle switch controls this.

Unfortunately this also stops the workout image from uploading to strava.

From the Sync/Strava page, you can disable the option to ‘Sync New Xert Rides to Strava’. That should stop rides from Syncing to Strava from Xert.


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Ah, thank you Scott, that looks like it is doing the trick!

For the folks thinking that I’m mad wanting to turn it off…honestly I’ve had more people asking me why I keep making that comment than congratulating me about it, and it has made me feel uncomfortably like they think I wrote it myself to show off. If it said “Xert Breakthrough!” I’d be fine with it

But at least now I have a solution so that’s great! Thank you folks

How about if the description was updated to look like this:


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Now that looks good :sunglasses:

Slight modification is now active on the system.