Best way to record outdoor ride on ios?

Hi all, what’s mthe best way to record an outside ride in Xert? Have an iphone, powermeter on the bike and hrm. Would like to have a realtime view of mpa and such while on the bike and the usual suspects like strava don’t give this.

Use the Xert app for this? It forces me to choose an activity for the ride, but doesn not really matter which I choose in this case? Or better to create a fake one in the workout designer maybe? Just put in a couple of hours on fixed wattage (tp?) and there we go?

If the iOS app is like the Android app you should be able to just ride in activity mode without selecting a workout.
On the Android app you simply tap Start on the Activity screen after your sensors have paired.
Perhaps an iPhone user will pipe in to confirm it works the same way on the iOS version.

Outdoor ride support isn’t supported in iOS at this time. You can connect to sensors, pick & follow along a workout, but you won’t be given any GPS data.

Alternatively, you could use an android device with Xert EBC app to record your outdoor rides.

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ok, thanks. Any chance IOS will get same level of functionality as android soon?

There might be some features. But most likely not to the extent of EBC, sorry. There aren’t many people willing to slap a $1000 iPhone on their bars versus a $100 Android phone :wink:

FYI, the Hammerhead Karoo 2 will also feature EBC, as well as some of the Xert metrics on their recording screens. A bit more expensive, but it’s a nice alternative as well.

Thanks Scott, I get the point, but the Iphone will be with me on the rides anyway and it’s got a great rugged case. If it survives ski-mountaineering it will do on the bike :wink:

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I agree Edwin.

Some of the new garmin head units and watches aren’t far off $1000

I have a garmin watch, but that’s nots great for showing datafiled etc due to relatively small screen. Charing my old Android phone. May give that a try next weekend :wink:

Easy to pick up a cheap second-hand one for use on the bike though I guess.

Sorry, my earlier post was in reply to Scots $1000 iPhone Post.

Huh, forgot about that option. Probably tons of old Android phones are sitting in a box somewhere. :slight_smile:
The small form factor phones we are talking about on the EBC thread are less than a $100USD, but you can probably pick up a handful of used Android phones for that price.
No need for a SIM card to use it as your dedicated bike computer.
With that idea in mind you are probably best off with one of the looping phone mounts that fits most phones like this one:

It seems to run fine on an older android. Also connecting with sensors fine. WIll give it a try. Device is a bit big and heavy, curious about battery life.

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Yeah, big and heavy is probably best on a stem mount rather than out front where things can start to look a bit clunky. :wink:
The mount I linked to looks very secure, works with any phone and is easy to remove.
Now that I’ve moved to a small phone (no SIM) I’m using an out front mount originally for my 1030.

Thanks, may consider getting a cheap/light android for this, eventually get a second simcard. Will see how it works first.

That’s a shame. That limits one of the key benefits of this training platform—which was giving me flexibility. Now that it’s sunny I want to be able to use xert’s smarts to help me freestyle a ride outdoors using smart metrics. Sadly, I’m on iOS user so I’m blocked from doing this because of the value of the device? I bring my phone with me anyway as a cycle computer in a rugged case and have done so for a long time, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Update: the ability to free ride & record on iOS is on the roadmap (not to the same extent as EBC, but the idea will be to allow users to pair sensors and record GPS data for outdoor/free rides). No ETA at the moment.


Thanks for the reply and update.