Best signature decay and goals settings for one week break

Hello. I am in my build phase (moderate 2) until the end of march and as I have not planned to do a breakthrough activity during the winter season, signature decay is set to “No Decay”. Anyway, from time to time I am doing a hard free ride. Therefore I adjust my signature back to Optimal Decay here and there and let my progression recalculate to take into account that I have achieved a breakthrough randomly, setting decay method back to No Decay afterwards. I am going to interrupt my training for one week now, because I am on vacation. Which settings (phase and decay) would reflect best my planned one week break and how should I adjust settings when returning back to training? Does my occasional recalculation after having a “breakthrough feeling” every few months reflect my training status best or should I set Decay to small/optimal generally?

Hi Bernard. Firstly, you should not be manually performing progression recalculations. It will always reset back to Optimal when you do so. Simply set your decay method. You may notice a change in your current signature depending on how long ago your last breakthrough was. Use No Decay during periods without breakthroughs, whether base training or recovery weeks, for example. This will keep your signature in-line with your training (or lack of) automatically. Return to Optimal during periods where you’ll be having breakthroughs more regularly. Thanks for your great question.

Hi Armando, thanks a lot for your prompt response. I will do so. I am on Xert now for several months and I am very happy with it. Your sophisticated algorithm is very covincing for me and I am looking forward, bringing a new quality into my training with xert.