Best settings whilst dealing with an injury?

Would appreciate some advice from the Xert Hive Mind. Just before Christmas I got Covid, nothing too serious but obviously kept me from training, then last Thursday as I was cycling home from work, I had an accident and now have a fractured elbow, a straightforward radial head break.

As a result, it is now highly unlikely that I will be able to do my goal event in April (300km audax), so I was wondering how best to setup Xert in the meantime as I have found I am able to do a steady hour on the trainer, anything more than that and my arm gets too uncomfortable.

I’d like to at least try and maintain my base fitness, so was thinking about switching my athlete type to triathlete , selecting the continuous option rather than TED and maintenance as my improvement rate. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.

Ugh! Hope that heals fast.
I would throw IR into Off-Season, leave the TED intact so you remain in Base phase recommendations, and not worry about XSS goals or deficit/surplus needle position.
Ride as you are able with mostly easy endurance selections at the 3:00:00 level. XATA will include them during Base regardless of Athlete Type selected. If necessary, use Filter and Duration to find them.
If too uncomfortable skip that day.
As you return to “normal” ride a couple weeks before adjusting IR and following XATA guidelines again.

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With limited hours you may find it beneficial to include some intensity actually. Believe keeping some intensity reduces detraining. But that assumes you’ve recovered from COVID… and can do that without hurting your elbow (can always try no hands?)
I wouldn’t worry about improvement rate setting - just train based on how much you feel like training.
I would go to ‘no decay’ if you’re not already though
Get well soon on both counts

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