Best practice: Xert -> Zwift -> Strava...?

TL;DR - what are the settings for seeing Xert workouts done on Zwift in Strava without duplication and manual uploads?

So GZ, I’ve just completed my first Xert workout on Zwift with the Smart setup and all. Nice.
Now, I’m seeing the workout in Xert as recorded by the Android App. So that’s fine.
In Zwift I see the activity as well, however - it did not upload to Strava as it usually does.
Strava shows the Xert file with the funny GPS data around my house, without speed, etc.
What I expect to see in Strava is my Zwift activity.
My actions: I’ve turned off the “sync from Xert to Strava” and I assume that the Zwift file (the one I want to see in Strava) did not upload because it’s a duplicate of the Xert activity.
I’ve deleted the Xert activity from Strava and manually uploaded the Zwift file.
So next time, I should see the Xert file in Xert and the Zwift file in Strava, right?
However, will that again create duplication, this time in Xert? (syncing back from Strava) - or is Xert smart enough to figure it out as the same?
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are recording both on Zwift and Xert Mobile, you should choose only to save one recording - the one you want to keep.

Sorry to revive such an old post, but am I missing out on anything if I trash the xert workout in the app, save the activity from Zwift to Strava and then sync it to XERT? I would somehow suppose that the XERT workout from the app might have some kind of more precise/additional data that is just better or something :smiley:

Just the workout identifier, workout report sent to Strava and target watts on activity chart. Zwift will come in as a virtual ride and not a workout.

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