Best method for selection of a workout to run now

OK this may have been asked and answered before, but with the new interface etc between the EBC and the workout training screen it is not always obvious, also the scheduled workout option is not exactly intuitive to use nor is the planner scheduled workout. So what happens is each time I go to run a new workout I have to select one and hit play now… but that is a pain, I would prefer to know the best way to schedule and play that scheduled workout. I can not be certain I will be ready to go at any specified time so that needs to be addressed, ie schedules for 6 pm but actual ready at say 6:15… thanks for thoughts @xertedbrain @ManofSteele and others

Should be pretty straightforward! Schedule the workout for 6 and the workout will be ready on EBC automatically at 5:30 (and will stay ready after 6 if you’re not ready right away). Cheers!

thanks Scott, it did not seem to work that way but I will try again. Does it matter which way you schedule? I tried in planner and even though I did not run the workout it ended up in my activities listing and I had to delete the activity. When I thought as you described it should be in the EBC it was not… so it was a bit of a mess getting started using that scheduling option. Whenever I have tried the schedule from the listing of workouts recommended it seems as well to not function as expected. I will try again, maybe i did something wrong…

I have experienced similar “issues” with EBC and the players, but believe I have found the right procedure. Assuming workout player on computer and EBC simultaneously.

  1. schedule the workout some time in advance of your expected training
  2. open the browser and load the player only, I have bookmarked these
  3. start the workout on EBC, pause it after 5-10s
  4. reload the the player windows (they should then update - eg autozoom kick in)
  5. ride a bit in pause mode to check “all systems go”
  6. resume workout.

9 out of 10 this works (maybe 99 out of 100), but before finding out I had some rides where the session player “workout chart” didn’t recognise that I had started and I had to fiddle around

problem still present,:about roughly 70m into a workout the web browser (Safari) will report that it is consuming many resources on a high speed mac-pro and suggest that I should shut it down (the browser) to increase performance. In doing that the browser changes size and messing up the window arrangement. Consuming resources? - nonsens - this must be some poor coding CERT → the browser in my view, I have no issues streaming movies on network/mac.

how nice would it be if you could set “expected workout times” in some kind of setting. I’ve been doing rides around 16:30 on tuesdays and thursdays and 9ish on saturdays/sundags for the last 30 years. Scheduling training in the planner should follow some kind of preferred time rather than the “as of” time

When you schedule a workout from the Training page, it’s added to the Planner.
If you miss a scheduled Start Time, the workout remains listed and starts to count down on XO (Remaining: xx:xx). However, the workout can be selected on EBC and started there regardless. Doing so starts the workout from the beginning and the data feed begins to the Session Player.

The scheduled workout will list on the EBC if the app is started within 30 minutes of Start Time.
If the workout it not listed on EBC, swipe down to resync the workout list from XO.
If the scheduled workout was never started on EBC and ends on XO (Remaining: 0:00), it will disappear from the Planner. Workout in progress: Scheduled changes to Workout Ready: User-selected. It will remain listed that way unless there is a future scheduled workout on the Planner.

When you add workouts from the Planner the default Start Time is your As Of time under Goals. You should open the workout on the Planner and change Start Time to reflect when you expect to start it. Or change the As Of time under Goals to reflect your usual workout time if you keep to a regular schedule.

I rarely keep to a regular schedule or plan workouts in advance. I prefer to review current recommendations on XO at the moment I’m ready to train. Play Now works well for this.
Where does the pain arise when used in this way? For me the steps are –

  1. Review guidlines and recommendations on XO Training page.
    Tweak Duration and Filter if I don’t agree with default list.
  2. Select a workout or session with Play Now.
  3. Start EBC, selected workout is listed at top, Start it.
  4. Run Session Player on XO.

You can also do this directly on EBC independent of XO. You lose the ability to view full XATA guidelines or Outdoors, Virtual, and Sessions options, but the unfiltered Recommended Workouts list is the same between XO and EBC. You can optionally filter on EBC. In this case the steps would be –

  1. Start EBC.
  2. Select workout from recommended list or tweak filter options and select.
  3. Start workout on EBC.
  4. Run XO Session Player.

You may need to wait a few seconds before the Session Player syncs with EBC running the workout. For me the delay is less than 2 seconds on most days. On occasion, 10 secs.

There is a slight bug in the Activities, Table. If you schedule an activity, it might list in the table even though Hide Planned Activities is enabled. However, if you toggle that option off/on, the planned activity will clear. Or as stated above, a scheduled activity that is never performed disappears after its allotted time.