Best effort > MPA but no change in fitness signature

Hi Armando, recently I haven’t done any ‘good’ sprints (good for me that is haha) and Xert downgraded by MPA to 730W or so, but today I did 5s at 850W yet didn’t see an increase in MPA after the ride. Is there something about how this works I don’t understand? Here is the ride: (When you are a age 50+ time trialler 850W is a sprint LOL)

The system won’t always pickup short and sharp MPA+ power efforts. If you’re confident that the power should represent your Peak Power, use the Activity Details/Advanced tab to update the PP value to 850W and then Save/Lock that to the activity. (Next time be sure to do more and to hold it for longer periods of time. )

Thx Armando

I had the exact same question… my 5sec power is currently 628 and Sat I did a Sprint with 5sec@ 770. But, no change on Xert…

Hi Marni. Sometimes the software needs a bit more convincing evidence. :slight_smile:

So, again yesterday (Wed) I had a “breakthrough” on Peak Power with 5sec @ 664 (numbers from the Xert graph). When I uploaded the file all my fitness signature power levels adjusted (down) including the peak power down from 628 to 613. I get why the other power numbers declined as I have not had any rides that equal or exceed them… But, I do for the Peak Power. So my question is… Why did the PP adjust down as well?

Hi Marni. We went back to your previous breakthrough and adjusted your PP up and saved a new signature. Looks like all subsequent effort in activities were then picked up correctly.

ok cool ! Thanks!